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LLD Export Trading and Remarketing Services GmbH & Co. KG is based in Germany. The main lines of business include the Export (wholesale) of electrical and household appliances in the countries of the Middle East, North – Africa and Eastern Europe. Other lines of business include the processing of used goods, followed by re-marketing and sales. Currently the company has business connections in 29 countries worldwide. The direct connection with our business partner, who produce and/or import electrical appliances and equipment to Germany, allows us to offer our customers the best selection of goods, to keep quality of our service at the highest level and to optimize our business processes.


LLD-EXPORT directs its interests towards companies of Eastern Europe, Africa and Arabic countries involved in the sales of electronic and household appliances and, in addition the sale of household electrical tools.

LLD-EXPORT offers warehouse retailing for:

  • Reduced / Stocks / Returned and Used household
    electrical, electronic and IT appliances
  • Degraded products

Business Supplier

LLD-Export offers partnerships to all companies operating within the EC who produce or import electronic and household appliances: Predominately LLD-Export provides you with sales and services. In a complete business package we offer market analysis, advertising, acquisition of new and potential customers, and the setting up of distribution chains including import to and sales within the respective country.

Our second line of business offers you services and support
in the sale of the following classes of good:

  • remaining stock
  • degraded goods
  • discontinued or obsolete models
  • returned goods

Products and goods of this type will be re-marketed. LLD-EXPORT will take care of all the responsibilities arising such storage and transport of goods, the sales and marketing thereof in the name and image of the commissioning company. The pricing of the goods remains unchanged and in accordance with the company’s policy.

Working together with LLD-EXPORT brings within it additional benefits. People gain access to high-quality electronic and household appliances. Environmentally sound re-use of older and/or degraded electronic goods.


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